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- Recordings of Guest Speakers -

How the Dahlia Returned to America


After 51 years of growing dahlias, Martin has developed a keen understanding of his favorite flowers. His talk will focus on the plant’s development from its Mexican roots to hybridization of the species and its prominence in the Pacific Northwest today.

Guest Speaker: Martin Kral

Dahlia expert

APRIL 18th, 2022

MARCH 21st, 2022

The Siren Song of Species Rhododendrons


Bob gives us an introduction to some of the best species rhodies for our Northwest gardens and recalls stories of some of the amazing adventures that led him to collect the seeds.

Guest Speaker: Bob Zimmerman

Owner of Chimacum Woods Rhododendron Nursery.

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening


Master Gardener Mark Hawley talks about raised beds, construction, soil, plant selection, nutrition, maintenance and integrated pest management.

Guest Speaker: Mark Hawley

Master Gardener, Snohomish County,

since 2017

FEB 28th, 2022

DECEMBER 20th, 2021

The Basics of Successful Composting 


What is compost? What materials can you use (or should you avoid) in your home piles? What impact does compost have on soil and the organisms living in it? What methods and equipment do you need to make finished compost? Learn about fast methods used at the Bellevue Botanical Garden and slow, low-energy methods for backyards.

Guest Speaker: Fred Wemer

Master Gardener, King County

Grow It. Make It. Share It. Food: A Celebration


Join Nancy in her kitchen as she laughs (and cries) over the many ways in which she finds culinary inspiration. In her talk, ” Grow It. Make It. Share It. Food: A Celebration,” she tells stories about pulling carrots from her container garden, culling the blackberries that menace her quarter-century-old grapevines, and trading Northwest bounty — from sourdough to sour cherries, gravlox to Gravensteins — with her green-thumbed friends and neighbors.

Guest Speaker: Nancy Leson

Award-winning food writer, radio personality, public speaker and Edmonds neighborhood coordinator for the Community Loaves project.

NOVEMBER 15th, 2021

Edmonds Parks during a Pandemic


At a time when indoor activities are limited, Edmonds parks have become needed gathering places, and the city’s flower beds and hanging baskets are iconic to the city’s identity. Angie’s talk focuses on the importance of the beautification program, in normal times and especially during a pandemic.

Guest Speaker: Angie Feser

Director of Edmonds Parks, Recreation and

Cultural Services

SEPTEMBER 20th, 2021

MAY 16th, 2022

‘Living With Mosses’ 


“When you see moss, think moisture,” says botanist Louise Koehn. Moss must be wet to thrive – hence our abundant Pacific Northwest moss crop this year. Her talk touches on the ecology, morphology and reproduction of mosses, as well as the uses and historical importance of these tenacious plants. 

Guest Speaker: Louise Koehn

Botanist and oceanographer

OCTOBER 18th, 2021

Shifting Gears Horticulturally: Simplify, Downsize, but Keep it Pretty 


Gardens take on a life of their own, we hope. But they also require a lot of attention. As we grow with our gardens, we have to make sure that our gardens are in step with us. Time to have the hard discussion of who goes and who stays. More importantly, who takes their place. What are some key factors to consider? Upkeep, climate change, durability, wow factor. 

Guest Speaker: Joe Abken

Executive Director, Kruckeberg Botanic Garden

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